Abana Kodo Millet 500g

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  • Use: Can be replaced for wheat and rice and used in daily food. Soak the grains for 8-10 hours before boiling them. Find recipe tips below in the product description.
  • Health benefits: High with fibres, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and Low in calories and sugar. Gluten free, Chemical Free, Non-GMO.
  • Package Contents: 500g Unpolished Kodo Millet (Vegetarian). Best before 6 Months from the date of packaging.
  • Good for sports, health and fitness to include them in your diets, or for families to bring health into their kitchens.
  • Our Millets contain 100% more Dietary Fibre than White Rice.
  • Our Millets contain 20% more Protein, 300% More Iron and 600% more Folate than White Rice
  • Minimally processed. Only the hard outer husk is removed without losing the bran, so the goodness of the bran & nutrients stay intact.
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  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Siridanya Kodo Millet Are Low GI, Gluten-Free Food Grains With Higher Fibre Content Than White Rice. It Has The Highest Fibre content – 12.5% Among All Millets. This Positive Siridhanya Millet Has 3 Times More Calcium, 2 Times More Phosphorus, 7 Times More Magnesium, 6 Times More Vitamin B1 And 2.5 Times More Folate Than White Rice. It Is Very Much Suitable For Diabetic People To Help Control Blood Sugar Levels.
  • HISTORY: Kodo millet is an annual native grain that is grown primarily in India, Nepal and also in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and West Africa. Kodo millet is a Siridhanya and is called the “Adi beeja” (Original seed) named after the Sun.
  • COOKING: Replace White Rice With Sridhanya Kodo Millets For Any Recipe. Soak In Water For An Hour Before Cooking. Cook In Pressure Cooker Or Rice Cooker Just Like White Rice. It can Be Used To Make Pulav, Pongal, Khichdi, Bisibelebath Or Any Other Dish Where Rice Is Used. It Is A Nutritious Substitute To Rice For Making Dosa And Idli Batter As It Grinds Well In The Grinder When Soaked Overnight. Sweet Dishes Like Kheer And Payasam Can Also Be Prepared Using Kodo Millets.
  • NEAT and CLEAN: Buy Our Millet Online Freshly Harvested Organic Kodo Millets. They Are Double Cleaned, Destoned, Dehusked, Size Graded, and Colour Graded, Without Any Sand, Dust Or Foreign Particles. Enjoy The Real Good Flavour Of Our Premium Millet Grains in the Most Natural Form And Taste.
  • FARMING: Millets Are Sustainable Crops That Require Very Less Water To Grow Compared To Rice Or Wheat. They Are A Grass Species And Grow In A Short Span Of 3-4 Months. They Are Naturally Pest Resistant And Do Not Require Any Chemicals To Grow And Hence are Organic.

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